What To Do If Your iPad or iPhone Is Not Charging

Most people are completely reliant on their smartphones, either for work or to keep in touch with friends and family. However, one of the worst things that can happen is if your iPhone is no longer charging. You’ve put the charger in and out multiple times but the phone refuses to charge. This is truly a stressful moment, especially if you absolutely need to use your phone. So, in this article, we will look at a couple of different ways that you can fix your phone and charger so that it starts to charge once again.

Reset Your Phone

The first thing you should do is immediately reset your phone and see if this fixes the problem. A hard reset will enable your iPhone to automatically check for software and hardware problems and fix them. It is actually the software on your iPhone that allows the charger to charge the phone. So, a hard reset may be exactly what needs to be done for your phone to start charging once again.

In order to do a hard reset, you will have to press and hold down your iPhone’s power button and volume button at the same time. You should hold these two buttons down until you see the apple logo on the screen and then you can release. Once your iPhone has restarted, you can put on the charger and see if it’s charging. In many cases, it will start charging and you can stop right here. In the event that it’s still not charging, then move onto the second strategy.

Look For Damage On The Charging Cable

Take your charging cable and have a good look at it. Look at the ends as well as the wire to identify if there are any tears, breaks or any other issues. If there is something wrong with your charging cable then you will likely need to buy a new cable. However, to make sure that the issue is really with the cable, you can test it by using some else’s iPhone charging cable on your phone. If your phone starts to charge using another person’s cable, then the problem is with your own charging cable and you’ll have to buy a new one.

Check The Charging Port

Next, you should take a close look at the charging port on your iPhone. You should use a flashlight and look to see if there is any junk or debris in the port. If there is debris, then this may be what is causing your charging cable from charging your phone. You should clean out the debris by using a clean toothbrush. Be sure to use the flashlight and ensure that you remove all of the debris and junk from inside the charging port. Once it is completely clean, you can try to see if the charger works.

DFU Restore

If the solutions above don’t work, then you should do a DFU restore on your phone. This basically does a factory reset on your phone and all your data will be erased. So, be sure to do backups of your data before the DFU restore.

Go To The Experts

After you’ve tried all of the strategies above and you’re unable to charge your phone, please, check notcharging.com, first, and then you should take your phone to the closest Apple store. The technicians there will be able to check your phone, diagnose the problem and fix it asap.


In closing, we have just looked at what you can do if your phone stops charging. Be sure to put the above tips into action and the chances are quite high that you’ll be able to fix this problem on your own.

How To Make The Best French Press Coffee

French press coffee has a special aroma that makes it the coffee preparation method preferred by millions of people. Tasty and healthy, this method has a great advantage that the coffee grains aren’t boiled. Moreover, if you know how to prepare it, this coffee will cheer up your mornings with its awesome aroma and its delightful taste. Following the French press instructions, though, requires a specific procedure, as you are going to see in a moment.

The coffee beans have to be coarsely ground, in order to be suitable for this preparation method. The perfect grind is the one that enables you to push down the press and still feel a little resistance. If you can push without the slightest effort, this means the grind is too coarse. If on the contrary, you feel a lot of resistance, it means the grind is too fine.

The water needs to be hot, but not boiling. On the other hand, if the water isn’t hot enough, the coffee will have a sour taste. For best results, you should be able to measure the temperature, in order to obtain consistent results each and every time. Besides, you should pour the water over the coffee grains very slowly, evenly, without creating turbulence. Special kettles with gooseneck are the best, but they are quite pricey, so you may want to find another solution to avoid those turbulences.

For consistent results, you should use the same amount of coffee grains each and every time. This means you need kitchen scales or another accurate way of measuring this amount. You can use a measuring cup, but scales are the most accurate instruments, so you should probably buy one, as they aren’t extremely expensive.

The glass recipient needs to be warmed before you start preparing the coffee. After you put the coffee grains, you should pour a small amount of hot water over them and wait for a few seconds before pouring the rest of the water. Once you’re done, you need to watch that the total brewing time doesn’t exceed four minutes. You may mix the coffee before applying the press, but this is an optional step. As a matter of fact, some people claim you don’t have to mix before pressing, while others swear this is the best method to obtain an excellent drink. The best thing is to run your own tests and to make notes of the results so that you can compare them. This will enable you to determine the exact amount of coffee grinds, the water volume and the water temperature that produce the best cup of coffee. You may experiment with the preparation times, as well, until you find the perfect recipe for preparing a cup of coffee to die for.

As soon as you’re done with the preparation, you should pour the coffee into cups. Don’t let it sit in the French press for a while longer, because the prolonged contact between the coffee grinds and the water will result in a bitter taste of the drink. Besides, the strength is also going to intensify, so you may develop sleep troubles if you drink too much of this coffee.

It comes without saying that all the above steps aren’t going to lead you to the perfect result if you don’t use high-quality coffee beans, properly roasted and freshly ground. You should purchase solely Arabica coffee, as this is the highest quality sort that exists. You are welcome to experiment with the origin of the beans or with various blends, but you should never go for lower quality mixes.